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Edwards EXT75DX Turbomolecular Pump, ISO63 (B72241000)

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The Edwards EXT75DX is a hybrid bearing compound turbo pump that combines the proven technology of a ceramic mechanical lower bearing, a dry permanent magnetic upper bearing and Holweck drag stage with the added convenience of an on-board 24V controller allowing parallel and serial communication compatible with Edwards TAG and TIC controllers.

It is available with either a DN 40 NW, ISO 63, DN 63 CF or an ISO 100 inlet flange with an N2 pumping speed of up to 66 ls-1. A basic pump system would require an EXT75DX pump, a TAG or TIC controller, either an air or water cooling accessory and a suitable backing pump.

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  • Compatible with TIC turbo instrument controller
  • Multiple communication modes available including parallel mode, which allows traditional control signal interface and serial mode, which allows RS232 interface
  • Numerous user configurable parameters via RS232 interface including vent valve control settings, normal speed indication, stand-by running speed, programmable power settings, power consumption and pump temperature
  • Enhanced monitoring capability including pump speed, power and temperature